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    Birds & Small Game

P.R. Woody's Kate in 2004 became a quad-champion
• Show Champion
Field Champion
 • Night Champion
 Gr. Water Champion
Fall Coon Hunting was fantastic!

The Patten area terrain offers great cover for bird hunters. Old overgrown farmland combined with active farm land and rugged woodlands make for some fantastic hunting.

George Denney - Freeport, Maine - BobcatRuffed Grouse is number one without a doubt. This bird comes in great numbers, which makes for lots of action.

Woodcock, on the other hand, are migratory birds -- when the weather gets cold, so does the woodcock hunting. But when these flight birds are around, they offer great shooting.

Pheasant is also a fine bird to hunt. Pheasant is now raised on one of our properties. We release birds weekly exclusively for our hunters.

Maine bobcat huntingsmall game hunting in maine


Patten Hunting Lodge also offers small game hunts for rabbit, raccoon and coyote. 


 Bill Finney & Richard Johnston with a fine catch of racoon

Bill Finney, Registered Master Maine Guide • Member: NRA, NAHC, SCI 
PO Box 234 Patten, ME 04765
(cell phone) 207-504-2886 • 207-528-2886 (Summer/Fall)

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